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A Look into the Future: Romania's Groundbreaking Tax Reforms for Businesses by 2024

In the upcoming year of 2024, there will be notable changes in corporate taxation. The following are the main adjustments that will be put into effect.

Eligibility Criteria for Being Considered as a Micro-Enterprise in Romania

The most significant alterations pertain to the categorization of businesses as micro-enterprises.

Changes in Romanian fiscal legislation per 1 January 2024 in effect

As of fiscal novelties of interest, I should mention:

A shareholder/associate can hold more than 25% of the value of the shares/shares in only one micro-enterprise. Until now, the limit was holding more than 25% of shares/shares in 3 micro-enterprises. If an entrepreneur has, in 2024, more than 25% shares/shares in several micro-enterprises, he must decide by March 31 which of the companies to apply the tax system specific to micro-enterprises.