Our subvention services in Romania

Each year the amount of grants made by corporations, foundations, and government agencies increases.

Our company specializes in assisting businesses with the process of obtaining subsidies, credits, and tax benefits. We have a proven track record. We conduct thorough analyses during the intake and pre-feasibility stage to determine the likelihood of success. In 90% of cases, we are able to secure the necessary funding by connecting clients’ subsidy applications with a well-developed business plan and credit application, along with a conditional letter of credit. We are proud to have a 100% success rate for credit applications. However, due to our strict criteria for intake, we cannot assist every client as we only work with files that have a high chance of success.

Our company’s purpose is not to function as a factory for applications, but rather as a trusted partner for our clients. We offer support to our clients throughout every stage of their project, from before the funding process, during implementation, and even after the project is completed (including project management). While obtaining subsidies may be a difficult task, ensuring proper execution and project management to receive payment is another challenge.

In case you are currently seeking financial support through a grant application, it would be beneficial to consider our consulting services. Composing a grant proposal can be a challenging task, and to increase the chances of success, you can utilize the knowledge and skills of a seasoned professional in grant and funding development, as well as in fundraising and negotiation with financial institutions. Engaging a consultant specialized in writing “grants” or “subventions” can alleviate some of the pressure and allow your team to focus on their regular responsibilities without adding another task to their workload.

What We Offer:

Our reviews from external sources provide constructive feedback on your current policies, systems, and procedures. We also offer recommendations based on best practices from successful subvention and grant seeking experiences. We will search and identify the most suitable options for subventions and grants based on your specific situation, activities, and projects. We will also keep you constantly updated on new aids and subventions, ensuring that you do not miss out on any opportunities due to lack of information. Our services include compiling all necessary documents and information for the application process, submitting and managing the file at the relevant institutions. We also provide ongoing monitoring to ensure the optimal implementation of the project and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, we assist in preparing all required guarantees and justifications for investment from public organizations, clients, and suppliers for subvention or grant applications.

Reach out via mail frjacobs@telenet.be