Discover How RaaS Can Lower Recruitment Costs and Boost Hiring Rates

This article describes the core of RaaS, illustrating its role and benefits in modern recruitment practices. It presents a comprehensive overview of how RaaS operates, underscoring its advantages over traditional recruitment methods, including the strategic use of recruitment consulting and technology-driven recruitment tools. Furthermore, the article outlines actionable steps and best practices for implementing RaaS, providing readers with a roadmap to leverage this innovative recruitment strategy effectively.

Mastering Recruitment in Romania: Insights and Best Practices

In Romania, the intricacies of recruitment are shaped by a diverse linguistic landscape, with Romanian as the official language spoken by 85% of the population. Additionally, many Romanians are proficient in Hungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, Russian, and Bulgarian, and there is a growing trend among the young population to learn English, French, or German.

Nearshoring in de IT-sector in Roemenië

In de IT-sector is nearshoring steeds populairder geworden, waarbij bedrijven op zoek gaan naar andere landen in hun regio voor kostenvoordelen en betere dienstverlening. Roemenië staat op de lijst van mogelijke nearshoring-opties, omdat de IT-sector in het land de afgelopen jaren een enorme groei heeft doorgemaakt. In deze blogpost zullen we onderzoeken waarom nearshoring naar Roemenië een aantrekkelijke optie is voor veel IT-bedrijven, evenals enkele uitdagingen die hierbij komen kijken.

Wie en wat met JobFunders recruteren met AI via crowd sourcing

Snel kandidaten recruteren

“Solliciteer zelf, ontvang aanbevelingen of nodig anderen uit op het slimste jobplatform in België, vol unieke jobs van directe werkgevers! Bij elke aanwerving verdienen alle betrokkenen een mooie cash bonus, want bij JobFunders deelt iedereen in het succes. En de bedrijven? Die vinden snel én voordelig nieuw talent!”

Employee disciplinary commission in Romania and sanctions in Romania

Disciplinary misconduct is an act related to work, consisting of an action or inaction committed by the employee. This violated legal norms or internal regulations, the provisions of the individual employment contract, the applicable collective labor agreement, the orders and legal provisions of the hierarchical leaders.

The disciplinary sanctions applicable to employees are described in Article 248 of the Labor Code, namely:

1. Written warning (the only measure that can be applied without prior disciplinary investigation);

Recruitment of IT profiles in Romania

You have great recruitment plans and you want to move swiftly in a competitive market. You need to understand talent availability, compensation and how to be attractive. So you onboard the best talent in the shortest time possible.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and business, to ensure that not only the right skill set is found, but the right team and culture fit too. With this approach we have successfully delivered to a myriad of companies from startups looking to hire their first staff member through to high organizations working at scale.

Recruiting engineers in romania for romania and europe

At EU level, the number of job vacancies is constantly increasing. With the recovery of the economy, there has been a steady increase in the vacancy rate in the European Union, with a different dynamic, however, in the Member States.

Professionals are a long-term investment

A long-term trend of increasing the use of capital can be seen from this perspective:

Recruitment in Romania, Belgium and Kazakhstan with the Recruitment Factory @RF

PBS Worldwide is operating in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Europe and Kazakhstan since 2003. PBS has build a solid international network. The clients are mainly larger companies that hire technical specialist, engineers in several disciplines and IT specialists on a permanent basis or freelance basis in different countries in Europe. The recruitment activities are branded under "the recruitment factory" or @RF with offices in Belgium, Romania and Kazakhstan. 

Survey recruitment trends in 2019

Some things to consider….as we are close to 2019. Some points can be converted in actions or strategies. You can ask yourself some questions as you start the new recruiting year:

Do you use the power of employee referrals ?