83% of employers affected by talent shortages in Belgium – comments and solutions

We will briefly look at some findings around shortage of skilled labour force and engineers in Belgium and then discuss some solutions.

The facts around the labour shortage in Belgium and the solution in Romania

Robert Walters recently surveyed over 100 companies in Belgium to research the effect of both a candidate short market and the strategies businesses employ to manage them. According to this survey, an overwhelming 83% of employers in Belgium, regardless of company size, have experienced challenges when recruiting suitably qualified candidates.

58% of hiring managers say they have struggled to attract candidates with the right hard skills or experience. A lack of appropriate specialist staff could hamper efforts to increase productivity, turnover and profitability, preventing the company from reaching its full potential. Pay remains a stumbling block as well: 38% of employers say that salary expectations of candidates were too high. 6% of hiring managers see candidates unwilling to relocate as a serious recruitment challenge.

When asked how skills shortages have affected businesses, 46% of employers stated that they faced increased difficulty in meeting deadlines and client expectations while 36% say it has reduced staff morale. 20% of hiring managers feel that talent shortages across all job functions have directly impacted productivity.

Source: https://www.robertwalters.be/news/83-percent-of-employers-affected-by-talent-shortages-in-belgium.html

Solutions in Romania for the labour shortage in Belgium

Romania has 22 million people and a very interesting pool of skilled workers and engineers. Because of the lower salaries and taxes it is interesting to outsource work to a Romanian daughter entity.

On the other hand you can also employ Romanian employees in Belgium with a Belgian labour contract.

What can we do for you ?

We can do the recruitment and /or direct search for you. We act upon a profile that we draft with our clients. The duration of the search is determined by the solution that the client wants to implement. Contact us for a free intake meeting at frjacobs@telenet.be . We can also create your company and do the preliminary incubation services in one of our business centres with open office accommodations.