State aid for Romanian companies to support investments HG807 till 2028

The purpose of HG no. 807/2014 updated in 2023 valid till 2028

The purpose of HG no. 807/2014 updated 2023 is represented by the establishment of a state aid scheme with a major impact on the economy, the objective of which is regional development by making investments in certain sectors of the economy. The total value of an investment project must be at least 4.5 million lei. The minimum value of a project was determined by reference to an equivalent value of approximately 1 million euros (calculated at an exchange rate of 4.5 lei/euro).

Investment projects whose total value is below 4.5 million lei are not eligible for state aid financing under this financing scheme.

The state aid scheme is included in the "State aid for the financing of investment projects" Program within the budget of the Ministry of Finance - General Actions.

The maximum budget of the scheme is 7,379.95 million lei, respectively the equivalent of 1,499.99 million euros. The average annual budget of the scheme is 737.995 million lei, respectively the equivalent of 149.99 million euros, and the maximum annual budget that can be committed includes the average annual budget and the amounts established for this purpose but not used in previous years, within the limits of commitment credits and budgets approved by the annual budget laws, as follows:

a) commitment credits for issuing financing agreements for the period 2014-2023;

b) budget credits for the payment of state aid approved based on the financing agreements issued, for the period 2015 - 2028.

The average annual budget of the scheme is 638 million lei, respectively the equivalent of approximately 145 million euros.

The deadline for financing agreements based on the scheme is 31 December 2023, in compliance with state aid legislation and the regional map authorized by the European Commission, within the limits of the annual budget allocated to the scheme by the annual budget laws. The payment of the state aid is made between 2015 and 2028 based on the financing agreements issued.

Based on this financing scheme, state aid can be requested for newly established enterprises or enterprises in activity, both SMEs and large enterprises, with legal personality, established according to Companies Law no. 31/1990, republished, with subsequent amendments and additions.

Investments made in one of the activity sectors that are eligible for subventions in Romania:

  •  manufacturing industry;
  • water distribution, sanitation, waste management, decontamination activities;
  • constructions;
  • hotels and restaurants;
  •  information and communications;
  •  professional, scientific and technical activities;
  •  health and social assistance, etc.

If the enterprise operates in a sector of activity considered ineligible, but requests financing for an initial investment in an eligible sector of activity, found in the Certificate of Accreditation issued by the Trade Register, the initial investment may be eligible for financing with state aid subject to all other conditions set out in the scheme.

Funding is requested only for one economic activity, respectively one CAEN code, but the activity for which funding is requested can be primary or secondary.

The estimated total number of companies that will benefit from state aid under the scheme is 300.

The investment projects under implementation will have a significant impact on the economy by creating 21,369 jobs and paying contributions to the state budget in the amount of 6,221.67 million lei.

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