Service in the spotlight: “in house recruitment”

The “in house recruiter’ is an experienced interim manager specialized in recruitment.

Today the war for talent makes it hard to get an inflow of qualified personal.

The in house recruiter is the answer and remediation to this. The “in house recruiter makes the difference between traditional search agencies, traditional recruiters, specialized interim agencies and executive search agencies.

He will perform for you and find the right people in 60 days as he will work as part of your team in house in your offices.

The Romanian government introduces the obligation to initiate collective negotiations when applying the latest fiscal measures on transfer of contributions

As of 1 January 2018, pension and health insurance contributions are to be deducted directly from employees’ gross salaries .  The Law mentioned as of 1 January 2018, the amount of social contributions paid on employment income will be as follows:

Contributions deducted from gross salaries:

Pension insurance contribution – 25%

Health insurance contribution – 10%

A work insurance contribution of 2.25% of the gross salary due by employers

Changes in the fiscal and labour code from 1 january 2018

We present some legislative news with impact in the field of labor law and tax law.


Government Emergency Ordinance no. 79/2017 for amending and completing the Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code.

The new normative act includes several changes to the tax regime, among which:

Vacature: Digital Growth marketing manager B2B BXL België (ODNL2017002)

Odyssee Mobile, een snelgroeiend IT-bedrijf, is gespecialiseerd in mobiele apps voor de Field Sales en Field Service industrie. Odyssee Mobile is gevestigd in Brussel (vlakbij het Zuidstation). Onze missie is om mobiele teams te helpen bij het verbeteren van hun productiviteit, het efficiënter communiceren met klanten en hun omzet te verhogen.

Amendments to the conditions for application of income tax exemption to software engineers

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A new legislative Order has introduced changes regarding the tax exemption available on the wages of IT professionals. In order to decide who will benefit from said tax exemption certain conditions must be met, as follows:

• Reintroduction of the EUR 10,000 threshold

In order to benefit from the income tax exemption for software engineers, the employer must have earned at least EUR 10,000 per software engineer during the previous fiscal year.

Start-up nation Romania subventions

The "Start-Up Nation - Romania" programme awards the minimis aid to a maximum of 10,000  small and medium-sized enterprises at a maximum value of 200,000 lei per beneficiary, representing 100% of the value of eligible expenditure.

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MAXIM 100% AFN, but can not exceed 200,000 lei per beneficiary (including VAT for non-paying companies)

The tax on micro-enterprises becomes compulsory for all businesses with turnover below 500,000 euros the tax rate is only 3%

All companies with private capital  that earned up to 500,000 euros in revenue in 2016 are required to change their tax system by becoming a taxpayer on microfinance income. Basically, no private company with income under this ceiling can not  pay a 16%  tax rate, but is forced to apply the tax regime for micro-enterprises. The only companies that escape this obligation are those with social capital of at least 45,000 lei, who can choose which tax system they apply (micro or profit tax).